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Anal sex forum

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Posts: Behind the backdoor I've indulged infrequently, amd the best was a girl whose door was easy to open and she showed no discomfort. The worst was a lot of grunting, whining and incomplete insertion. I think some of the attraction is sesnation tighter than vagbut mainly its the forbidden door, rarely unlocked.

Age: 50
Relationship Status: Not married
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City: Floodwood, Iosco County
Hair: Long natural
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A community of people who embrace the anal only lifestyle, preferring anal sex over vaginal and choosing to replace it fully. I like the edge of pain with the feeling of being stretched wide open.

Back door skills

No, but damn that gets me hot to think about. He let me set the tempo and find a position that was comfortable. Do you still do it?

I have to say the idea of him being so intimate and enjoying it so much was a huge turn on, and I didn't dislike it at all barely any pain which I was surprised about! Ssex wear plugs in my ass in public and think about people being able to tell. I also love the feeling of lezbian free asshole stretching around a hard dildo or plug.

Oral and anal sex

What was it about anal sex that got you into it in the first place? My cunt was soaking wet by foru time I got home. Would you like to try a butt plug if you haven't already?

When I imagine it, I just think about the soft wetness of a tongue rubbing all over my asshole, the weird warm soft hardness of a tongue pushing into my hole, it just seems so lush and intimate and I love thinking about my asshole softening and opening up under that sweet, wet, gentle pressure. Would you like to have anal more often than you do already? At all pleasurable for either​.

Anal sex - advice please from those who like it!

My asshole likes being played with! Was it uncomfortable? I finger my asshole in the shower fairly frequently, at least every week or couple weeks. Favorite, go-to fantasy.

Anal sex forum discussions

Now, I am no prude - everyone on Hitched knows that, but to me, anal sex is something that happens once you have built up a lot of trust. I don't know, it just really, really turns me on to feel both my holes getting reamed, like I'm just being used, just fucked raw and hard and my holes used, and I love to think about taking lo of jizz in both my holes when I do it.

Actually not until my 30s. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I can finally take a big dildo up my ass and really fuck myself with it. How old were you when you tried anal sex? Except sometimes when I just in a zone with it, and then I might do it a lot for a few months before my mood changes and I don't do it again for a year. I like the feeling of dirtiness, like it's something I'm not supposed to do or enjoy.

I am search real sex dating

Where were you when you first had anal sex? I even wore a moderate sized dildo in my ass in the grocery store se. (guys or girls may answer, please it's great to get both opinions).

If this describes or interests you, or if​. for women, anal sex will still stimulate vaginal/clitoral nerves which extend deep into the vagina, between vaginal and anal passages. I fantasize about it sexx lot, and I love to watch really good rimming porn.

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Again, with dildos, it varies, but not more than a few times a year, unless I get into a specific mood. I've been fingering myself a little as I write, and my cunt is soaked. Some years later I met another guy who was special. And every month or few months, I probably get froum wearing a butt plug as part of some masturbation sessions.

And whether any body has any tips for how to make it feel amazing for me as well as him. Fucked myself with a dildo, hmmmm, not for about months maybe? Full, satisfied, wrung out.

But sometimes I get in the mood. Does anal sex make you cum?

Agony aunts

How was your first experience with Anal sex? This ended up with me being really quite intrigued by it so we tried it! And get a dildo or vibrator up my pussy, too, so I've got double penetration, both holes stuffed full of cock, and Sexx can almost come without stimulating my clit. Have you ever used a butt plug?

I love seex male porn, so I was watching that, and I think it just looked like it felt so good. A double dildo?

Would you recommend anal sex to a sister, or friend based on your experience? Initially I was definitely in the 'no thank you never never never' camp but then I just read up about it out of interest why he's so keen to try.