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Couple swap stories

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Couple swap stories

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: Line Spacing: Sarah sat on the high backed chair in her studio. Tommy, her engineer waved at her through the glass, his hands lifted in the air, all ten fingers up.

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I didn't even have time to be terrified because things just storis so quickly. Welcome, Jill. Whether it's a straight husband/wife exchange, a same-sex​.

Finally, she spoke. From polygamy virgins to seasoned swingers, these stories turn the spotlight on to partner swapping.

I was willing to take one for the team. But nobody had mentioned it to me. Jennifer, 38 For my husband and me, the road to our first non-monogamous experience was a long swwp.

20 scandalous secrets from couples that swapped partners

NOTE: All names have been changed. And when we finally ended up swapping partners, I remember watching him apply this mammoth, Magnum-sized condom.

A friend and I were seduced by a married couple after a Christmas show. One day, he just said: "Why don't we just go for it? We kind stoeies said: "Well, that was interesting.

I thought, Whatever. She was blushing. I can do non-monogamy.

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We went for sushi, and she told me about sex clubs and swingers' resorts. Young people do it!

But most of all, it was educational, wtories me to a community I didn't even know existed, at a time when said community was just starting to ease its way into the public eye. Nothing ever happened with the girl at work, but it got the conversation started with my girlfriend. But we did go back, and we've been at it ever since. I'd been part of a year monogamous coule.

The internet—including us here at VICE —covers the same points every few months Open relationships exist!

My partner and I went on to a lot of other non-monogamous situations. At the same time, we had a set of neighbors who were also friends of ours, about our age, and my girlfriend had been chatting with the female half of the couple about it.

But since all of this happened, I've learned so much about non-monogamy and polyamory, and it's really opened my eyes. We'd been to a sex club but hadn't been sexual with anyone. It was almost a year before we went back. So finally, one night, after going back and forth, we decided to go over to their place and make it happen. We all talked and flirted for quite a while.

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My current relationship actually started out non-monogamous. Collected below are a few tales from coouple the sheets, stories of the first times from those who have chosen to take the plunge, and jumped in with both feet. Now, close to a decade later, consensual non-monogamy is more mainstream than it's ever been. Suddenly, we had to fight for this marriage and try to make it work. The next thought that went through my head was: Oh, God.

People tell us about their first non-monogamous sex experience

Gillian and her new husband couldn't be​. It had seemed Fouple as a fantasy, but all of a sudden the fact that it might actually happen was really shocking. I didn't end up staying with that partner for long—for reasons not related to non-monogamy—but it started a trend.

It was terrifying. I mean, I wasn't having a bad time. Even the sexy, sexy goats.

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Read "Wedding Night Wife Swap (A Couple Swing erotica story)" by Nancy Brockton available from Rakuten Kobo. Whatever your experiences in the lifestyle that was alternative in the sixties and seventies and is practically commonplace now. Get a personalized roundup of VICE's best stories in your inbox. Some involve other bodily fluids.

They'd engaged in a bunch of full-swap-type situations in the past, and the two of them had been talking about all four of us maybe doing something. I remember the moment of the unveiling.

Ryan, 35 My first non-monogamous experience is going back probably 13 or 14 years. Lots of girls like that.

I remember we were all chit-chatting, and none of us really knew how to transition to the bedroom, so I finally just said: "Uh, when do we go upstairs? I mean, I grew up in a small town. Sometimes, it happens by accident. › Partner-Swap-Collection-Swinging-Swapping.