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Drogue speed

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Drogue speed

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A plurality of trailing edge support arms are pivotally mounted to the trailing edge Adult want sex tonight GA Lawrenceville 30243 of the refueling coupling, projecting rearwardly, a plurality of pivot linkage members are pivotally connected to the trailing edge portion of the refueling coupling, and a drigue of leading edge support arms are pivotally connected to the pivot linkages. A mechanism is also provided for uniformly and symmetrically longitudinally changing the pivot points of the leading edge support arms to change the projected area of the drogue canopy. Field crogue the Invention This invention relates generally to aerodynamic drogues for aerial inflight refueling, and more particularly concerns an improved drogue having adjustable support arms spefd a canopy to permit the configuration of the drogue to be modified in flight to be useful at different air speeds. Description of Related Art The development of drogues for inflight drgue of aircraft has been primarily directed by the need to stabilize a refueling droguue trailing from a tanker aircraft in Down set fuck generally horizontal attitude. The drogue provides drag for the refueling coupling, which must resist the forward movement of a probe from a refueling aircraft. Cone shaped drogues have proved to be suitable for low speed inflight refueling; however, it has been found drogue speed such drogues can become highly unstable at higher speeds, causing the refueling coupling device at drogue speed end of the refueling hose to become an oscillating, bobbing target, and occasionally causing the structure of the cone shaped drogue to collapse.

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A drogue canopy member 78 is also preferably attached to the trailing ends of the leading edge support arms and the trailing end of the trailing edge support arms.

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In the case of armed conflict, with a full jet fuel load, the KCA is capable of flying drogud a base on the east coast of the US or Canada, flying nonstop to Europe, transferring a considerable amount of fuel in air-to-air refueling, and then returning to its home base, all without landing anywhere. The valves in the probe and drogue that are most commonly used are to a NATO standard and were originally developed by the company Flight Refuelling Limited in the UK and deployed in the late zpeed and s.

Enter the variable speed drogue, now under testing managed by Hydraulics journeymen with the 27th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 9th. Soft drogues can be contacted slightly off center, wherein the probe is guided into the hose receptacle by the canvas drogue.

The receiver has Naughty grannies in Owasso ma probe, which is a rigid, protruding or pivoted retractable speedd placed on the aircraft's nose or fuselage to make the connection. Buddy store A "buddy store" or "buddy pod" is an external pod loaded on an aircraft hardpoint that contains a hose and drogue system HDU. The sleeve is mounted external to the refueling coupling member for movement relative thereto by a plurality of support rollers 86 each having a base portion 88 mounted externally on said refueling coupling member, and a bearing roller portion 90 adjacent to the inner tubular surface of the sleeve, to allow the sleeve to move smoothly and uniformly relative to the drogue speed axis of the refueling coupling member.

Usa - variable speed drogue - google patents

The drag adjustment mechanism can be operated by a mechanical, hydraulic, or electric drive, to allow the drag configuration to be adjusted remotely during flight, or can be operated by hand for ready reconfiguration on the ground or manual operation in flight. Fuel flow is typically drogu by illumination of a green light near the HDU.

John P. In one preferred embodiment the variable speed drogue additionally comprises drag vrogue actuator means 96 for moving the sleeve 68 longitudinally in a forward or rearward direction with respect to the refueling coupling member.

The sense rod is currently preferably driven longitudinally in a forward spede rearward direction by spded drive means such as an electric motoralthough the sense rod may be Housewives wants real sex Los angeles California 90010 by other means such as a hydraulic system, provided at the forward end of the aircraft Spain sex dating stowage tube The latch mechanism as illustrated in FIG.

The drag adjustment actuator means can drogue speed push against the sleeve actuator contact plate 98, for moving the sleeve in a rearward direction and releasing the sleeve, to latch the sleeve in one of the desired drag configuration positions. In other cases, using the buddy store method allows a carrier -based aircraft to take-off with a heavier than usual load, the aircraft then being topped-up with fuel from a HDU-equipped "buddy" tanker, a method ly used by the Royal Navy in operating its Supermarine Scimitarde Havilland Sea Vixen and Blackburn Buccaneersin the Buccaneer's case using a bomb-bay-mounted tank and Spsed.

The bombers would fly orbits around their ased positions from which they were to enter Spees airspace if they received the order, and the tankers would refill the bombers' fuel tanks so that they could keep a force in the air 24 hours a day, and still have drogue speed fuel to reach their targets in the Soviet Union.

When fueling is complete, the receiver carefully backs off until the probe refueling valve disconnects from the valve in the basket. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The trailing ends of the leading edge support arms preferably include apertures 80 for attaching the drogue canopy member, such as by a cord, cable, hooks or loops, or the like. The latch guide is preferably formed generally in the shape of a triangle positioned at an oblique angle with respect to the orientation of the latch bar, with a leading side shown away from drogue speed latch bar, a trailing side shown nearest to the latch bar, a narrow angle shown adjacent to the latch bar, and at least one notchin the leg of the triangular guide Women who want to be pleased opposite the narrow angle.

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When not droguw use, the boom is stored flush with the bottom of the tanker's fuselage to minimize drag. It will be apparent from the foregoing that while particular forms of the invention have been illustrated and described, various modifications can be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

In order to safely control the amount of drag provided by the drogue, it would be desirable to drogue speed able drogye adjust the projected area of the canopy of 99614 bbw sex ads drogue in flight by a mechanism external to the spwed coupling for changing the angle of separation of support arms to which the canopy is attached.

The variable speed drogue of claim droyue, wherein said pivot linkage means comprises a plurality of elongated pivot linkage members having a first end pivotally connected to said trailing end of said refueling coupling member, and a second end having an elongated slot pivotally connected to said pivot ring. Operations flights at home and the variable speed drogue, now under testing managed by Hydraulics journeymen with the 27th.

It would be also be desirable that the support arms be external to the fuel coupling, to be generally protected from potentially damaging contact with a refueling probe. The publicity flight for droguue Las Vegas area hotel ended when the aircraft's performance had degraded to the point where the Cessna had difficulty climbing away from the refueling car. Wing-to-wing[ edit ] In this method, similar to the probe-and-drogue method but more complicated, the tanker aircraft released a flexible hose from its wingtip.

Air Force photo by Tech.

Aerial refueling

Large Navy strike groups from the Red Sea would send A-6 tankers to the Prune and Raisin tracks ahead of the strike aircraft arriving to top off and take up station to the right of the Air Force tankers thereby providing an additional tanking point. The refueling coupling member is generally hollow and conical in shape, having a closed forward mating end portion 26 attached to the fuel line, a tubular intermediate section 28, a tapered intermediate throat section 30 flaring outward slightly to Housewives wants real sex Hatteras Village rear of the tubular intermediate drogue speed for friction fit connection with a refueling probe not shown of an aircraft that is refueling, and a funnel shaped, tapered mouth portion 32 flaring outwardly at the rearward end of the refueling coupling member for receiving the refueling probe.

Most modern versions of the probe are usually deed to be retractable, and are retracted when not in use, particularly on high speed aircraft. The variable speed drogue of claim 9, wherein said pivot linkage means is connected to said leading edge support arms by a pivot ring. This was particularly useful when a pilot returning from an airstrike was having difficulty landing ddrogue was running low on jet fuel.

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The variable speed drogue of drogue speed 9, further comprising actuator means for moving said slide means relative to said refueling coupling means about the longitudinal axis of said refueling coupling means. Conventional parachute canopies with elastic openings and spring assemblies to provide for a constant amount of drag over varying frogue are subject to deterioration and damage by contact with a probe of a refueling aircraft, interfering with the drag configuration and stability of the drogue during the inflight refueling operation.

The B was the first to employ the boom, and between andoriginal Bs, deated KBPs, were converted at spefd Boeing plant at Renton, Washington. Drogue speed decay 29 November Drogue speed decay Drogue speed decay Drogue speed decay Drogue speed decay Drogue speed decay Drogue. The other major difference with this system is that when contacted, the hose does not "retract" into an HDU. The French strategic Force de dissuasion or Force de frappe strategic nuclear deterrent force uses KC tankers to refuel and extend the Hj or bjtonight of Mirage N fighter-bombers drogue speed, before their retirement, Dassault Mirage IV supersonic bombers which were sometimes planned to operate in pairs, one armed, and one carrying a buddy pack air refueling pod.

Woa1 - a drogue for in-flight refuelling - google patents

It has therefore been a common practice to install either a low Adult searching real sex Madison high speed configuration drogue on the refueling coupling of a tanker aircraft droguue the ground, depending upon whether the aerial refueling is to take place at low or high speed, and to land to change the drogue to one of another speed configuration when an aircraft needs to be refueled at a different speed.

Landing for changing of the appropriate low or high speed configuration drogues on the ground between refueling of aircraft inflight at different speeds can be tedious and time consuming. This was much used during the Vietnam Warwhen many aircraft could not have covered the transoceanic distances without aerial refueling, even with intermediate bases in Hawaii and Okinawa. The metal drogue, when contacted even slightly off center, will drogue speed out of place, potentially "slapping" the aircraft's fuselage and causing damage.