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Vicki and brooks

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Vicki and brooks

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Brooks Ayers caused a ificant amount of controversy when he dated Gunvalson. Gunvalson and her daughter have repaired their relationship. Ayers got married Gunvalson seemed to take the breakup with Ayers pretty hard. After Ayers asserted he had cancer, mounting facts called this diagnosis into question by the vocki. Gunvalson defended him until she eventually admitted some of the documentation was not real.

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Many fans are hoping that she'll clean him out.

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Viewers first met Brooks Ayers in Season 7 He appeared on the season premiere in earlyan btooks at the time introduced as Vicki's new boyfriend. Why is Vicki Gunvalson suing Brooks Ayers? She was great.

In She also alleged that he did not adhere to a written agreement they made in in which he was to provide an ing of his income. Brooks Ayers caused a ificant amount of controversy when he dated Gunvalson.

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But is Vicki innocent? Then, the big reveal By November of that year, at the Nrooks, Vicki is ready to admit that she doesn't believe that Brooks has cancer. In November, she hinted that she planned to recover the money she loaned to Ayers.

Liars get their due "I'm going after him for lying," she stated. InVicki and Brooks were still going on dates, and Vicki was told that Brooks had had some sort of "interaction" with a porn star. If he does show up, an intense back and forth in a lawsuit could dredge up all sorts ficki things about their relationship history.

Vicki gunvalson has filed a lawsuit against ex-boyfriend brooks ayers

Upon learning the news that Ayers got married, Gunvalson stood strong. A lot happens A season-long debate in surrounds whether Brooks actually has cancer, and it's all kicked off by a psychic. She sued him in this spring for the thousands of dollars he borrowed from her sinceaccording to People.

is it true? Did love blind her to everything that everyone, from Tamra to Briana to common sense, were telling vickii Brooks insists that they two were on a break at the time. That same summer, Vicki reveals that she and Brooks are living together It was just a lesson, not a life. Their solidarity has irked quite a few people.

What else is gunvalson suing ayers for?

How could a woman so perceptive about a castmate be so, so wrong about her xnd romance. Though he sounds like a total prude about Vicki's very reasonable and age-appropriate outfits, he's clearly way better for her than Brooks was. Has Vicki from vkcki totally walked away from Brooks? But that's not the end of it Vicki has since decried Brooks as a confidence man with no regard for the well-being of others.

That was hard on Vicki As Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County begins inshe starts her long journey to regaining the trust of her friends, her castmates, and viewers.

Vicki and brooks' relationship timeline

These days, their only interaction is Vicki's lawsuit against Brooks. The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has claimed for years brookd she was another of Brooks Ayers' victims.

Fans would be very interested in hearing what Vicki knew and when she knew it, especially in the form of sworn courtroom testimony. She also sought to recover legal fees she fronted brokks him in too.

She’s finished with the relationship but not with him

December 17, pm. Updated at December 17, pm. The hospital in question shoots down claims that they treated him for cancer.

She has happily moved on Earlier this year, Vicki became engaged to boyfriend Steve Lodge. The aftermath of the breakup was difficult for Gunvalson but she slowly pieced her life back together. He owes me a lot.

Then, in Season Vicki isn't the only one who has moved on In March ofBrooks married a woman named Christy Groves. Brooks still tries to prove it He produces alleged medical documents about his cancer, which would probably have been enough if he weren't on camera. Vicki and Brooks dated for four years before announcing their breakup in August How much did Vicki know, when did she know it, and when will brolks truth come out?

News and filed in Clark County, Nevada court on April 11, Vicki has accused Brooks of breach of written agreement, breach of verbal agreement, fraud, misrepresentation, and other claims related to money he has allegedly not paid her back. Take a look: 1. According to legal documents obtained by E! But they have their enemies During this latest season, Kelly Dodd ended up going off at all three of them because the other two were in such solidarity with Vicki.

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